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Hi everyone, I am ItalianoUno, my name is Roberto Tuzii, I am Italian, Roman for the last 10

generations, and have been living in Australia for 18 years now; I am a fully qualified private tutor, I

have obtained my qualifications in Italy, Roma, and later in Pescara at the Foreign languages and

Literatures at the "Gabriele D'annunzio" University in Pescara. I am very passionate and professional in

teaching my beautiful language; but this is not the only advantage of learning at ItalianoUno, I am using

unique teaching methods, coming from "interactive multimedia" technology, consisting of programs

designed by me personally, which not only make the Italian grammar fun to learn, but also give the

lessons the variety which makes them always interesting, and very close to real situations.

I also specialise in delivering on line lessons using "remote access" so you can experience any

program of mine and do exercises on line in the comfort of your own home.

Please take a moment to go trough my students' testimonials over the years, and experience for

yourself, what they have to say!

From my experience the only way of getting fast results is one on one private tuition!

Grazie e a presto! (thanks and see you soon)


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